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Café Plus
Grand Elite

Dining Overview

Discover an array of delectable cuisines from around the world at the hotel’s Café Plus that features sea-view dining hall, unique open kitchen barbeque, seasonal seafood corner, cold plates and hot dishes, delicious desserts and complimentary chef’s special dishes. Grand Elite, a scenic sea view restaurant, offers the authentic Cantonese cuisine and the impeccable dining experience. The main dining hall is decorated with traditional Chinese features and the 18 VIP rooms are simple and elegant. The creative Chef House allows you to communicate with the head chef while he is preparing your dinner, delivering the best visual and flavor experience. In this unique gourmet world, the renowned chef selects the natural ingredients, creates the nutritious dishes, and brings to the table the pure perfection of Cantonese cuisine. Bop Space is an exquisite restaurant with a sophisticated wine cellar and nostalgic music guaranteed to delight our senses. Its outdoor area extends to the Beer Garden, an alfresco party venue set in a leisure tropical garden overlooking the spectacular South China Sea. Satisfy your caving for all things cool and quench your thirst in style at the hotel’s stunning Waterfall Lounge where nature relaxes you in this pleasant urban oasis.  
  • Beer Garden

    Each bowl of noodles from Ah Poh Noodle Shop, expresses the familiar taste with vinegar, sauces, sweet, savors, and  t… More +
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(86 756)8877 998
No.245 Shuiwan Road, Gongbei, Zhuhai 519020, P.R.China